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6 Home Security Installation Tips You've Got to Follow

New House SecurityWant to have the most successful home security installation possible? 

Be sure to: 

1.  Get a licensed professional

Even if you're getting a wireless system and you don't have to drill into your walls (or mess with a bunch of different electrical wires), you still need to make sure that your system "talks" to itself properly.  That's a big responsibility that only a licensed home security installation professional can handle.

Best of all, a good alarm company will check all of its installation professionals very carefully.  Among other things, they'll do extensive background checks so that you don't inadvertently let a bad guy in.  After all, the entire point of your home security system is to keep bad guys OUT!

2.  Make sure it's affordable

Some security companies will charge you an arm and a leg to get your system up and running.  So, before you agree to anything, read the fine print.  Be sure to ask about any "extra" fees -- like being charged for each window sensor.  That way, you'll know exactly what you're going to be responsible for paying before the installer shows up.

3.  Find out if your smartphone has to be there

Lots of good systems today can be controlled by your smartphone.  So, find out if your phone physically has to be there during your home security installation.  The installer may need to load something onto it, or he may want you to test everything out before he leaves.

Even if your smartphone doesn't need to be there, find out how to set everything up.  Then, find out who you can call if you have any questions.

4.  Learn how the backup system works

Your home security installation is the perfect time to learn all about your new system.  So, ask if you need to change the batteries.  See if there's anything special that you need to do if the power goes out.  Find out what happens if you're on a cellular-based alarm network and your cell service goes down.  In short, run through a worst-case scenario with your installer to make sure you're covered! 

5.  Get a quick demo of the entire system

You need to know how to handle every facet of your new alarm system, and there's no better time to learn it than during your home security installation.  A good installer won't leave until you know how everything works, and he should be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If not, you need to find another company to work with! 

6.  See if they can evaluate your existing equipment

If you're switching from one alarm company to another, find out if any of the existing equipment you have will work in the new system.  A good installer will integrate everything if he can.  That way, you can save valuable time AND money!

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