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Things Great Home Alarm Systems Come With

Want to know what separates a GOOD home alarm system from a GREAT one?  Read on! 

The very best systems give you: 

An easy installation process

Some home alarm systems can be installed by you; others require a professional's handiwork.  Either way, the best systems are easy to get up and running.  You won't have to worry about a never-ending sea of wires and equipment, a giant installation bill, or a process that never seems to end.  Instead, you'll have peace of mind, right from the start! 

Lots of sensors

Lots of home alarm systems only come with window sensors, but the good ones know better than that!  After all, it's not hard for a burglar to kick in a door or pry it open.  That's why you need a sensor on EVERY entry point into your home! 

Protection that goes above and beyond

As threatened as you might feel over having your stuff stolen, it's not the only threat your family faces on a daily basis.  That's why the best home alarm systems come with medical emergency, fire, and carbon monoxide equipment.  As a result, you'll never have to worry about being unprotected! 

Cool technology

Great home alarm systems use great technology.  They'll allow you to do things like watch your video surveillance cameras on your tablet, receive text messages if your doors are left open, or even arm and disarm the entire system right from your smartphone! 

The power to take it with you

Let's face it -- you probably won't stay in your current home forever.  So, why invest a bunch of time and money into a home alarm system that you're not going to be able to use forever?  That's why you need to opt for a system that's easy to take with you when you move.  (Yes, even the hard-wired home alarm systems can go with you!) 

Monitoring that doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Monitoring is an optional service on all home alarm systems, but if it's a service you want, it should be affordable.  In fact, the best security companies won't charge you more than an extra dollar or two per day for the service! 

All of the backup you could ever need

The best home alarm systems know that relying solely on a landline is risky business.  After all, it's easy for a bad guy to cut the line on his way in!  That's why the best systems will give you a cellular and an internet backup.  They'll also have a special battery backup systems so that you're never without the protection you need!

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